Prelude to summer

Posted by Rosa Tang On 9:49 PM
Summer loving, happened so fast...

Currently my fave summer shoes (from Sterling) I wear them everyday now.

Cutest mugs ever!

Just my boyfriend thinking he's invincible.. haha!

First BBQ of the summer!

I grabbed some frozen strawberries, so I could ice your bruised knees. - lyrics by Chairlift

Me & my bestie from wasabiecake eating up the summer fruits!

Lina, Claudia, and me

Gastown // Chinatown // Bobolink Park // Fraserview & the Fraser River

Just ONE more math final and then I'm done highschool. Can't wait for the summer to officially start! Lots more moments like these to come and will be sure to bring my camera wherever I go so I can take snapshots for my memory. What are you doing this summer? :)

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  1. Britta said...'> June 19, 2011 at 2:01 PM

    Hi Rosa!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog,
    I just took a look through yours, and I love that you're doing fashion design! I've been trying to do some of my own designing on the side, and your sketches and photos have really inspired me.
    I'm just starting my blog, so its nice to meet other fellow vancouver fashion bloggers. So...nice to meet you!



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